Friday, December 17, 2010

christmas series #12: desmond dekker

I now present to you the return of the Christmas series. Today I saw a woman wearing this shirt:

UGH. Sorry, I just thought it was funnier to show the dog version. ANYWAY, it reminded me that I needed to get started sharing the most delightful holiday soul/all-around baller music I can find.

Desmond Dekker was a Jamaican reggae singer, who also looks like a total baller in a tux. (See Exhibit A.) He also has an album called Double Dekker. PUNNY. You might know him by his hit, "Israelites." It was a smash hit in 1968 and was pretty groundbreaking at the time, considering it was popular and sounded that authentic and tight. "Christmas Day" was also released in 1968, at the height of Desmond's popularity in the USA.

Heat up the Swiss Miss and enjoy the delightful sound of Desmond and his band, The Aces. I LOVE his song talking explaining the birth of Jesus H. and also the amazing back-up singing. Then that incredible "Joy to the World" part comes out of nowhere. How good is Desmond? Desmond passed on in 2006, but listening to this song during the holidays will surely help keep his memory alive.

Desmond Dekker & The Aces - Christmas Day

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