Saturday, September 11, 2010

saturday record diggin'

I did some digging today and found some gems. Love a successful vinyl shopping day. Especially when I get a super handy parking spot, have just had a really good coffee, and have STORE CREDIT. (Thanks, Dad.)

G.L. Crockett - Every Good-Bye Ain't Gone/Watch My 32
4 Brothers

Can someone fill in some blanks about G.L. for me? Do his initials stand for GOOD LAWD?

I know he has some Chicago affiliation, but I barely know anything about him. I have two 45s by this bro. Check out his studio portrait posing skills. Original baller status. "Watch my 32" was recorded in 1965.

Ann Peebles - Beware


Love you, Ann. A former tight person of the day, Ann has captured many hearts through the years. I love this warning song. The dog that brings the bone! Girl, go ahead. "Beware" was recorded in 1975 but can be used as an anthem for skeptical women for years. Get some of that Memphis soul.

Wilson Pickett - I'm Down to My Last Heartbreak/I Can't Stop
Double L on this one. Everyone loves Wilson. I CAN'T STOP buying Wilson 45s. Sorry. This song is definitely a dance floor filler. Wilson is the man, nuff said. "I Can't Stop" is the B side to his hit song from 1963. I want to have this song start every time I enter a room.

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