Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tight people of the day: maurice and mac

Once again, I must give props to my iTunes. Besides being my secret boyfriend, it constantly supplies me with treasures I forgot I even had. Don't get me wrong, I love digging for records and discovering great things. But putting my iTunes on shuffle will often satisfy my soul.

EXAMPLE: Today it totally played a baller track, "You Left the Water Running" by Maurice and Mac. About a year ago, I was into researching duos. I compiled a bunch of songs by dudes like Sam and Dave, Sam and Bill, Eddie and Ernie, and Bob and Earl. (All ballers, by the way.) Maurice and Mac were a part of this search and I wound up really liking some of their tunes.

Maurice and Mac were both members of the Radiants in the mid sixties when they left the group. They released some super tight songs, including the one I'm sharing today, in 1968 on Checker but never really found the fame they probs desired. An LP was never released by these guys!

Tonight, I will toast my wine to Maurice and Mac.

Maurice and Mac - You Left The Water Running