Tuesday, May 11, 2010

tight person of the day: shorty long

Shorty Long. First of all, what a baller name. And secondly, just look at him! I'm gonna dunk him in my coffee.

Shorty was a songwriter and singer that joined Motown in 1963. He actually co-wrote "Devil With the Blue Dress On" that we all know and love. From what I've read, it seems Shorty struggled a bit after that at Motown. Bigger acts like Marvin Gaye were getting all the hits, and no one really seemed to be working with Shorty to crank it out. However, he did have a big hit with "Here Comes the Judge" in 1968 that charted. That same year, he recorded "Night Fo' Last," which is a huge jam for me. When I bought this on 45, my life changed. I love this song so much. The best part of the 45 for this single is that it includes an instrumental version on the flip. Baller!

Shorty had some great tunes, but sadly he DROWNED in 1969 before he really got cookin'. Let the music live on and jam some Shorty tonight!

Shorty Long - Night Fo' Last

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