Tuesday, May 25, 2010

evelyn freeman and the exciting voices

Remember that time some ballers decided to name their band the Exciting Voices. Took guts but IT AIN'T BRAGGING IF IT'S TRUE, whatever that means. Also, I got that picture from Evelyn Freeman's driver's license. JOKE CITY .

This single was released in 1958 and I dare you not to start shaking along. How much hollering is taking place? Also, that thumping drum line? Jesus H. It's not really known for sure, but supposedly there are around 14 people in the Exciting Voices. And then Ms. Evelyn, who has a Master's in destroying my ear drums (in the best way possible). Take a listen and see how Evelyn is so intense, she doesn't even give you time to answer the question she poses.

Evelyn Freeman and the Exciting Voices - Didn't It Rain?

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