Saturday, April 3, 2010

tight person of the day: lyn collins

Lyn, Lyn, Lyn. A beautiful goddess. Lyn is a Texas gal. This only adds to an extraordinarily long list of why she is a baller.

In the early seventies, Lyn started touring with James Brown as a part of his revues. She got the job after sending him a demo tape in 1968. What a baller. Just proves you have to go for your dreamz, y'all. In 1972, Lyn stepped out in her own right with the song "Think (About It)" which is not only a tight song, but has been sampled A TON. That "Woo! Yeah!" is the like the mini-soundtrack of the nineties for me. Take a listen to the original and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Lyn is such a baller, along with other ladies like Marva Whitney and Vicki Anderson, because she was singing funky and strutting on stage and acting like a strong ass woman when that whole Women's Lib thing wasn't as cool yet. She was truly a funky diva. I can't handle the amount of sass and attitude she brings to the table. Her albums released in the seventies included songs like "Wheels of Life" and "Mama Feelgood" as well as duets with James Brown. (Also big ups to JB for helping foster these womens' careers.) Sadly, Lyn passed in 2005 but she was still singing up until that day. RIP to the Female Preacher!

I fully encourage you to search up Lyn and listen to some more of her stuff. It's all funky and all good. Once I happened to be listening to Lyn while I was brushing my teeth and I was getting so into it dancing that I know I cleared out some tartar, y'all.

Lyn Collins - Me and My Baby Got a Good Thing Going

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jared said...

I always wondered where that sample came from.