Tuesday, April 13, 2010

this could be a possible jam

So, the other weekend I visited my friends who are about to have a baby. I made them a couple of mix compact discs to enjoy with the baby and "when the lights go out." YAH FEELING ME?

Anyway, when I was making the playlist for the baby mix, I realized that this song is a total jam for me. I don't even care. Haters to the left on this, for real. Don't associate it with Jerry Maguire and it's a lot better.* Just put it on and then stare at yourself in the mirror. I challenge you to not cry while you gaze into your own eyes. Seriously. Because you will. Especially during the sensual sax part.

Also, how good is Bruce? LONG LIVE THE BOSS. Hope Baby Boy Williams likes it, too.

*Who am I kidding - if that movie was on TBS right now I would put on my Snuggie immediately and get settled.

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