Monday, January 11, 2010

who remembers lil' penny?

This little baller was all in the rage in 1996. Who remembers? He was a creepy puppet version of Penny Hardaway, who was playing for Orlando Magic at the time. I was so obsessed with Lil' Penny. I used to drop everything when the commercials came on. Check out his little Nikes! He was also voiced by Chris Rock. Note to all puppeteers: give your puppet a Chris Rock voice and it will be huge.

Santa didn't bring me a pair of Air Penny IIs this year, but I keep wishing. FOR REAL!

There are several Lil' Penny commercials to choose from, but this is a personal fave. This is so clear in my memory it's like it just aired. The tiny swim trunks. I am literally dying.

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