Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the bobbettes - mr. lee

I am playing this song on a loop today and I really want to share it with you. First of all, look at those girls. They look like babies! How young?

Those are the ladies that make up The Bobbettes. In 1957, they were the first all-girl doo-wop group to have a #1 hit song with "Mr. Lee." These ballers were from Harlem and they originally wrote this song about a teacher they definitely did NOT like, named Mr. Lee. Apparently he was a real jerk. GUESS WHAT THEY WERE ALSO IN THE GLEE CLUB. I'm dying.

At the suggestion of their label, they changed the lyrics to their song. Instead of calling him ugly, they called him handsome. Subtle changes can sell records, kids. Suddenly, Mr. Lee became a huge baller on wax. In 1959, the girls got a chance to record what they really thought with the alternate version "I Shot Mr. Lee." HELLO!

The Bobbettes - Mr. Lee


Renda said...

the link to the song isn't working

anna said...

ack. thanks for the heads up. i will fix this when i get home BECAUSE EVERYONE MUST KNOW THIS SONG.