Sunday, December 6, 2009

tight person of the day: major lance

Major Lance is a baller. First of all, any bro that buttons all the way up like that is good to go in my book. I like his slick appearance and casual demeanor. Secondly, his birth name is MAJOR. Thank you. Into it. Major is an icon of Chicago soul.

Major went to school with Curtis Mayfield, and as a result Curtis wrote a ton of his material. I mean, talk about a tight friendship to have! You can definitely hear the Mayfield influence in this song. "Monkey Time" was released in 1963 and was just the beginning of more hits for this team. A super baller dream team. Major had success throughout the sixties and into a bit of the seventies. However, he spent time in prison and left his mark on this world in 1994.

This song is pulling me through some gray days before Christmas. It's uplifting and fun and nothing can be bad with a Mayfield sound and a Major Lance voice on your shoulder.

Coming up soon: The annual Christmas music series. Be on the look out! I have some serious Christmas soul to serve up this year.

Major Lance - Monkey Time

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