Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas series #11: the andrews sisters

I'm feeling patriotic and in the Christmas spirit just by looking at that picture. Also, those ladies know how to work their legs, amiright? The Andrews Sisters were a singing group consisting of three real sisters: LaVerne, Maxene, and Patty. These ladies started their career by performing in talent shows and vaudeville productions when they were just tiny tots.

By 1940, the girls were a household name from their various recordings and were entertaining troops overseas. Check the photo. Ballers. They released "Christmas Island" in 1946. Their sound really evokes calmness and ease for me. I want to dance around in a high-waisted skirt and write letters to my war hero fiance. What an era of music.

Also, did you know Christmas Island is a real place? Lots of people live there! I mean, that is really tight. It seems isolated and maybe even a bit scary, but I would want to visit just for the name alone. Or at least spend the holiday there as the song suggests. The island is home to the red-footed boobie, a real bird. How tight?

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve tonight with everyone you hold near and dear. I can't wait to do round dos of presents AND to watch all my favorite Christmas television episodes of everything, aka Ren and Stimpy and The Honeymooners. The big guy is coming down the chimney tonight so you better get some sleep. He knows when you are sleeping! Merry Christmas, all. Love you. xx

The Andrews Sisters - Christmas Island

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