Wednesday, December 23, 2009

christmas series #10: chuck berry

Christmas Eve Eve! It's almost here, y'all. Can you believe that I was once talking about drinking mojitos and listening to Steely Dan by the pool? Man, it flies by. Well, here to help carry you through to Christmas and even the New Year is some Chuck Berry.

Chuck is a quintessential part of American rock n' roll music. He might even be the creator, in my mind. Chuck started playing the blues as a teenager, and eventually cultivated his stage presence that we came to know and love. He released "Maybellene" in 1955 and the rest is history. Chuck was in and out of jail and did some ridiculous stuff as an adult. But it didn't make any difference when it came to recording awesome songs. He is truly a shaper of the sound we love today.

In 1958, Chuck recorded "Run Rudolph Run" for Chess. This song has been covered a million times and is even featured in one of the greater holiday movies, Home Alone.

I hope you have all your presents wrapped and ready. Tonight, I'm going to put on some sweatpants and watch the annual Letterman holiday show. Tomorrow is the most exciting night of the year!

Chuck Berry - Run Rudolph Run

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