Monday, December 21, 2009

blublocker freestyle!

Before I begin, I need to have full disclosure with all of you. I own a pair of Blublockers. They have traveled many places with me, including New York and Arkansas. I am proud to own them and they do offer complete sun coverage. Having said that, let's not forget how dorky they can be.

Please check out this priceless commercial featuring MC Dr. Geek. He's freestylin' about these shades. But he's also wearing a velvet sombrero and a Curly shirt. What a baller. The guy chewing gum behind Dr. Geek is really feeling it. I mean, this guy is really a genius. The way he keeps going when handed the free pair! I love him. Thanks to Tom for this amazing share on my reason for living, Google Reader.

1 comment:

cybulski said...

i've browsed the blublocker selection before at the walgreens, this may cause me to get a pair now.