Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tight person of the day: gwen mccrae

DUHZ. Gwen McCrae is such a total and complete baller. Why have I not posted about her before? The point is: it's happening now.

Gwen was just hanging around, singing in clubs in her home state of Florida. In 1963, she met a sailor named George McCrae and they got married immediately. Like, I'm talking within a week! George must've been wearing Old Spice. They started recording together as a duo. They were doing their thang, when they were "discovered" in 1967 by another ultimate baller, Betty Wright. They really hit the big time after that.

While still performing together, George recorded his own stuff. Gwen decided to have a go at it and recorded "Rockin' Chair" in 1975. Can we say smash single? This shit hit #1 on the R&B charts and is still one of the best songs I've ever heard EVER. How steamy? I love the way she is singing. Towards the end, she gets real sensuous. So tight.

Gwen and George broke up, but the music lives on. Also, Gwen is still out there making sweet desserts for your ear holes. Enjoy this tune with a nice glass of wine. You deserve it! It will get your hips a-movin'!

Gwen McCrae - Rockin' Chair


cybulski said...
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cybulski said...

this is a song you throw on after the third glass of cab sav.

Renda said...

Thank you so much for letting gwen into my life. Thank you.