Tuesday, October 27, 2009

brenda and the tabulations

In 1967, Brenda Payton was performing in her group Brenda and the Tabulations out of Philly. Tight band name? Yes. She was a tight singer with a unique voice that was backed up by the sweet harmonies of three dudes. How tight is this lady? They released a song called "Dry Your Eyes" that basically makes me want to weep. It reminds me of how many amazing soul songs continue to lay untapped out there in the world.

I listened to this song today randomly and wanted to share it with you. It's a really nice cold day song, and by that I mean get the cab sav out, put on your s. pants, and find a channel showing Maury. It's time to get crazy!

There is no way I would not slow dance to this if asked. Also, please look at their loose hands in the picture above. LUVIN' THAT.

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