Monday, July 27, 2009

Who Invited This Guy to the Party?

Frisee is the assclown of lettuce. If you hand me a plate of this, I will assume you don't care for my friendship anymore. This jerk also tries to go by the name Endive, but it's not fooling anyone.*

If any of our readers would like to start a debate about this, I'm ready.

*I do appreciate the texture it adds to my salad but that's as far as it goes.


A said...
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A said...

you know how to hit me where it hurts. I am an unconditional lover of this blog but this makes me want to cry. why can't we all get along? do you also hate escarole? because that would break my heart and i would have to stop reading the blog.
frisée is not the end all be all of leafy deliciousness but don't discriminate because it's ugly {via dov charney upcoming class action lawsuit}
a little goes a long way and it adds appealing texture/fresh taste to so many delicious salads.

dramatic mesclun lover

Chappell said...

escarole can stay. I don't discriminate based on looks. In fact, i love the way frisee looks. I'm really just not happy with how it tastes. if it's mixed in with a bunch of stuff, it can usually go unnoticed. But a frisee salad??? no way/

A said...

if properly executed, frisée salad is da bomb dot com.
i actually like the bitter taste but i agree it can be overwhelming. the secret is to pair it with complementary foodz (goat cheese, poached eggs, blood oranges, feta, mint, andouille)
i'm just saying, frisée IS tight.

cybulski said...

when selecting my mixed greens in bulk at central market i will with a surgeons precision purposely not select frisee with my metal tongs. sure a couple of them will sneak by and end up the last couple pieces of salad in the bowl that no one wants.

to clear any potential transatlantic misunderstandings, endive is this:

curly endive or frisée or chicorée frisée is this:

very different.