Tuesday, July 7, 2009

tiny yong

Lately, I have been really obsessed with watching Scopitone videos. The Scopitone was like a jukebox with videos played on a little screen. It was definitely the beginning of the music video that came to be. They are super tight, though, because they almost always feature some kind of crazy go-go dancers. Usually, these dancers are not on the beat at all and continue moving even during a super serious song. Tight!

Anyway, during a watching spree the other day, I totally came across a lady that I have come to love. Her name is Tiny Yong. Apparently, she is Vietnamese but was born in Cambodia. Her family moved to France as the Vietnam war got ugly in that area. Fortch, she was already fluent in French and like, ten other languages. Huge baller. She started singing in cabarets and performed mostly "girl group" hits around France. She became a semi-successful French television star, and she started making Scopitone videos.

How cute is this lady? I just love her little voice. Translation would be tight if anyone can do it. She has some other videos floating out there but I just love this one. It's ridiculous. That buffoon with the flower! Also, was this filmed in a meat locker? Her breath freaks me out.

She only recorded 32 songs between 1961 and 1965. How crazy? I can't find out if she's still alive, but I hope she is because I want to meet her and hug on her. She also has a Myspace. INTO THAT.


JONEZ said...

Wow. Super dreamy! Thanks for the heads up on this scopitone bizness, way cool. And tight. Here's an unrelated video, but one I was telling you about whilst swimmin. Enjoy.

National said...
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National said...

the "buffoon with the flower" was henri salvador...

a famous french musician who made her famous by constantly promoting her.

after 1965 she completely disappeared. i checked with french ye-ye fans (internet and elsewhere) and viet music enthusiasts. no clue.

she left behind some fantastic works.