Wednesday, June 10, 2009

tight person of the day: little milton

I feel like Little Milton just really gets life. You know what I mean? Look into his eyes and you will find the answers and secrets to life. It's true! Milty is a super tight guitarist and singer that I enjoy on a nice warm day. Milty is really perfect for a little summer day driving.

Milton was first discovered by Ike Turner, which is the tightest intro to a career. He recorded a bit for Sun Records, but then moved on to find success on Chess, Checker, and Stax. I have some Little Milton Stax 45s and they have some of my most favorite Milty songs, like "Lovin' Stick." How good is that title? Milton also had success as a producer and helped many rise to fame. I just feel like life isn't really complete until you have listened to Milton sing "Grits Ain't Groceries." LOOK IT UP.

So, I'm sharing a nice ditty with you today. Listen to Milty lament the cost of living, and he's not talking about the rising cost of Barefoot wine at 7-11! One of the greatest travesties.

Little Milton - The Cost Of Living

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