Friday, June 12, 2009

ps22 chorus

So I'm sure most of you know about these kiddos by now, because you live on Planet Earth. But I love them, and I have spent many hours each day watching their videos since my teacher summer started. I want to share them with you, because they deserve to be shared.

There is a school in New York called PS 22. There, music teacher Mr. B. works with a chorus of fifth graders. These kids. They are wonderful. It is amazing to see what a teacher can do and how students and teachers can inspire each other. Maybe I'm just getting older and more sentimental these days, but I can't stop crying at these videos! This is the definition of tight. The kids are putting their hearts and souls into it, and I love it. Since I write about music a lot, I like that these kids are growing up to appreciate and love music. MUSIC FOREVER. This teacher rules. I love that he is letting the kids learn to enjoy music. They sing amazing stuff, from Stevie Nicks to The Doors.

They have a YouTube channel that you will soon become obsessed with. Honestly, if you aren't moved by their voices and expressions and happiness then you are cold and dead inside.

Below, here is one of my fave videos. I love that soloist so much it hurts. Love, love, love these guys and I hope this is a good start for your day!


Mrs. Graham said...

It is summer. What are you doing up at 7 am? Are you still on nyc time?

--matt g said...


Michelle Perez said...

Those kids are harmonizing...sounds good!