Monday, June 29, 2009

gale garnett

Um, excuse me. This album title. It just sets the stage for this post. Just give me a minute of your time and watch this video. Or, like, two minutes and thirty seconds. This blew my mind. Last night, I went to Alamo Drafthouse to see Away We Go and this appeared before the movie. How tight is this video? I cannot get over some of these scenes. My favorite part of all is the last ten seconds, though. You'll see what I mean. I want that street sign on every corner in Austin.

Gale is a singer with a deep and velvety voice that basically makes me stop whatever I am doing to listen. She was at the height of her fame in the sixties, mainly recording folk tunes. However, I did some research on her and apparently she became quite inspired by psychedelia and created some crazy stuff like this video! Check out the way she looks at Satan around the 1:32 mark. That sentence alone should get you amped to watch this. Viva Scopitone!

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Milford Marine said...

Wow, nice voice though. Always liked Gale Garnett. Never saw the video.