Wednesday, April 15, 2009

tight person of the day: bill coday

Someday, if I ever make it to the Pearly Gates, I want to roll up in a super sweet pink Cadillac. Then I want to get out and it will smell like Little Deli everywhere. I'll order a roast beef with cheddar on a kaiser and maybe a deviled egg, and then turn around and Bill Coday is going to be sitting in a giant plush recliner just like that. He's going to welcome me to the great gig in the sky and then we'll listen to some records and maybe have a delicious dessert of Ben and Jerry's Phish food flavor. Dang! Greatest vision ever.

Bill Coday is a super tight bluesy singer. I have been listening to one song of his on repeat and I figured it was time to share. Bill was discovered singing in Chicago and later met up with Willie Mitchell, the crazy awesome producer from Memphis. Together, these bros came up with some great soul numbers. One of them is the song that has been on my rotash BIG TIME. I like Bill's voice and I love the longing in the song. I like any song where I can dream of slow-dancing. The slow and SAXY horns. Thanks for helping with that, Willie.

Mr. Coday left this great green earth in June of 2008. So many soul greats gone in 08. At least we still have these recordings to put on and spread the joy and happiness. I hope my dream didn't creep you and you won't think of that non-stop when you listen to this song/I kinda want you think about it.

Bill Coday - You're Gonna Want Me

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