Friday, April 3, 2009


There are times in life when I am truly sad I didn't think of something myself. Like the Snuggie, or the ShamWow or whatever. But I am BEYOND DISTRESSED that I didn't make this music video right here. The TuTu Band has taken life to a new level for me. Please watch their video for the super tight single, "Dustbuster."

Some things I want to open for discussion about this video:
1. The ladies dressed as clowns.
2. The mouth on the Dirt Devil handheld.
3. How can I get to a dance lesson taught by the lead singer?
4. Is that one guy holding a side of beef?
5. Where the hell has this band been all my life?

1 comment:

--matt g said...

"Bustin' makes me feel goooooood!"