Thursday, February 12, 2009

where dreams become heart attacks

I have to tell you guys about this crazy website. It's disturbing on a few levels. One of them is that this food is GROSS OUT CITY and I want to straight vom looking at some of it. I think about my fellow Americans ingesting this and I get the willies. However, the other disturbing thing is that some of it looks pretty good. SO SUE ME. I can't get over some of these food combinations. I'm tempted to make some of these and pass them off as real entrees at a dinner party someday.

This Is Why You're Fat

A corn dog pizza. WUT. I love a good cheeze pizza. Corn dogs can't hurt it! But seriously, how do you even slice this thing? Get the Lysol ready because I will have serious mud butt all over the place after eating this.

This is a sandwich with a bunch of condiments and meats and shit, but the bread parts are POWDERED SUGAR FRENCH TOAST. Are we dead serious with this idea right now? I need to know why this person wanted a side of tots with this meal. Was that really necessary? And at least get some water! I'm about to hurl.

Go see these and many more and then let's talk about it.

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