Sunday, February 1, 2009

Serious Question

Can anyone give me an answer to this? I recently saw an Applebee's commercial and noticeably missing was Wanda Sykes as the voice of the talking apple. Guess who replaced her as the voice-over? That ass-hat from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Has the Wanda-Applebee's partnership ended? Now I don't have particularly strong feelings towards Applebees, but I really have to hand it to whoever made the decision to have Wanda tell me at the end of every commercial, "Get it together, baby!" Damn girl, I AM TRYING! If you know me at all, you know I love Wanda Sykes. I listen to her stand up act "Sick and Tired" to get me through the times when I am feeling, well, sick and/or tired. I've searched high and low for my favorite bits, but unfort they cannot be either found or embedded. This one is pretty good, though. Consider it your appeteaser.

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Bucho said...

haha grif I love me some wanda as well.