Saturday, February 7, 2009


My friend Linda posted this not too long ago, but I just watched it like five times in a row. I want to post it here because I can't think of any other sweet folks I would rather share it with THAN YOU ALLZ.

This is the greatest game of all time! Does anyone else remember it? I want to play this asap. The little kid is terrifying and unexplainable, but the leg kick action is amazing and incredible. Special appearance by Bubbles the chimp and be sure to watch until the very end, prettyplease.

I know my birthday is over, but I will be your Valentine if you buy a Sega and this game for me. AND THROW IN SOME CHOC COVERED STRAWBERRIES OKTHX.

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whahappen? said...

I don't care what comedian Katt Williams says about Michael, I'll always be a fan.

PS - At first I thought Bubbles was Emmanuel Lewis on Michael's shoulder.