Friday, December 19, 2008

The Unstoppable Eleanor Powell

I know it's always Ginger this and Ginger that but undoubtedly, Eleanor Powell was Fred Astaire's greatest dance partner. In his autobiography, Fred himself said that she was his only superior. I read that Eleanor practiced tap dancing with sand bags tied to her waist so that her body would learn to work against gravity. The result is a woman who can pound the floor yet float across it effortlessly.

This is Fred and Eleanor's final showpiece number from The Broadway Melody of 1940.

Still not convinced? Here's another number from The Broadway Melody of 1940. Have you always wanted to see two performers on screen who are actually enjoying each other? This is it.

Eleanor only appeared in thirteen films. Such a shame, because this is a lady who KILLS IT.

BONUS: Eleanor performed one of the most incredible tap numbers of all time in I Dood It (1943). She comes in at about the one minute mark, rolling her eyes at Red Skelton.


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