Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas series #6: otis redding

Santa is coming! Look busy, assholes! No wait, maybe that's someone else. The bottom line is: it's Christmas Eve! Somewhere, Rudolph is getting ready by drinking tons of protein shakes and pumping up on steroids. Meanwhile, I'm nursing a bloated belly from eating three pounds of mini-quiches.

I figured the best way to spend Christmas Eve, even for all you Scrooges out there, was to sit by the fire (in our Texas weather) and listen to this song with your loved ones. I mean, you can also listen to it alone, if you prefer. That'll work, too. This is a beautiful version of the timeless Christmas classic and maybe my favorite song to be featured in the Christmas Series here on the blog. I really have no issues with the Bing Crosby version of this song, but of course if you know anything about me at all, you know I want a soulful rendition of any song!

Obvi, you know Otis Redding is the biggest baller of all time. He was an amazing Stax soul singer who definitely was taken from us too soon. He died at age 26, which seems completely wrong and unfair. This song will help us appreciate Otis even more than we already do. I hope you are having a white Christmas wherever you are, because I most certainly am NOT. But's it all good. Have a wonderful night tonight, get to bed early, and don't forget to set out cookies for the big guy. Merry Christmas!

Otis Redding - White Christmas

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