Tuesday, December 23, 2008

christmas series #5: smokey robinson

Well, here we are. Christmas Eve Eve. HA! Let's face it, if you aren't totally revved up by now, then you will never be. I'm just being real. Christmas is so close I can taste it like a sweet raindrop in my mouth. I've already consumed close to 100,000 calories of whatever foods I want so I can't wait for that to continue for a few more days.

I'm done with all my shopping, too, which is a huge plus. However, in the process, I purchased about twenty items for myself. Problem? Some would say so. Shopping is no fun without throwing a little sumthin in the basket for your big mama (yourself). When I was a kid, I was perpetually peeing my pants on the 23rd. I knew the next day was the EVE and then the BIG DAY. I just couldn't wait. Everything revolved around this. I love that feeling so much that I want to share this song with you. It's also my personal anthem. Christmas every day?! Yes, please. Also, the 23rd means my birthday is exactly one month away. 25 is going to be big, y'all. Isn't quarter-life when you freak out about your receding hairline and then you buy a Porsche Turbo and a lake house? Maybe I'm thinking of something else.

Smokey Robinson is a symbol of Motown. With the Miracles, he had a ton of hits and is well known all over the world. My personal favorite is "I Second That Emotion." New karaoke song! Smokey was with Berry Gordy and Motown from the very beginning as a recording artist and songwriter. He helped bring much success to that label. It's hard not to get a smile on your face when you listen to Smokey sing. But it's even better when he's singing a song about Christmas!

Don't forget to watch Letterman tonight for the annual Christmas show extravaganza featuring Darlene Love. Also, a big Happy Birthday to Kathryn!

Smokey Robinson and The Miracles - Christmas Everyday

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