Saturday, December 20, 2008

christmas series #4: charles brown

I started listening to this song back in September just to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. You know how I do! This is the perfect Christmas song, I think. It's so great. Soulful and awesome and TIGHT as heck. Hot dang.

Charles Brown is a soul and blues singer who also knows how to accurately pose for great photos. He's also from Texas! Holla. This guy plays piano in such a soft and sweet way that it almost melts my cold and dark heart. His piano style has influenced many of the greats, such as that little known artist Ray Charles. He has released a couple of Christmas albums, which makes him #1 in my book. Charles went to the clouds in 1999, so drink some eggnog for him tonight while you listen to this song by the fire. If this tune doesn't make you want to hug your S.O. or just kiss a stranger on the street, then you have no soul.

I got this song from a download I did of one of Bob Dylan's radio shows. So, as an added bonus, you get to hear Bobby speak a little about Charles at the beginning of the song. Not that that should be a problem.

Charles Brown - Please Come Home For Christmas

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