Saturday, November 1, 2008

tight person of the day: otis clay

One thing I love about writing this blog is searching for the perfect picture of the Tight Person of the Day. How good is this? Blue shirt tucked into blue pants. This could be seen from the moon. I think a picture of Otis Clay wailing away in this blue ensemble should totes be in every child's textbook in grade school. I know I would be willing to teach about this huge baller.

Otis Clay is a soul singer that really knows the meaning of breaking it down. I think it's also a well-known fact that if your name is Otis, you are going to be good to go in life, know what I'm saying? Anyway, Otis is bluesy and awesome. This is a pretty tradish sounding soul song, but I love the hell out of it. I usually listen to this while I'm getting ready to go out. While I'm running around my room changing shoes and putting my face on, the calm and understanding voice of Otis Clay gets me through. Otis is still performing and out there being a baller, so let's all take a moment and raise a glass for O.C.

Sometimes I get nostalgic listening to songs like this and knowing the singer is still alive because it makes me wonder what could have been for singers like Otis Redding, Richie Valens, Sam Cooke, and even Marvin Gaye. They had a lot left in them. Good thing we still have Otis Clay.

Otis Clay - If I Could Reach Out (And Help)

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