Sunday, April 27, 2008

should be illegal


One time, Blake and I went to THE DOMAIN to check out all the new stores. I mainly remember two things. One was the employees at Louis Vuitton wearing BlueTooth technology ear pieces and eyeing us like a cat on tuna. The other is that wonderful angel woman at Neiman Marcus who let me try on a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. She knew there was no way I could afford them. I mean, they were at least $800. But she understood my desires. I get it, shoes are just shoes, blah blah. But still, Louboutins are amazing. I have a real issue about them. Mostly because I know I will probably never own a pair. I mean, the amount I could spend on one pair of these I could spend on a Tahitian vacation. Anyway, the above shoe is my dream shoe and it costs $1,020. I shit you not. I know it looks like a sea anemone died on there, but get with me on this. These are tight.

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