Tuesday, April 29, 2008

how many ways can we do this?


So, apparently Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher did the nasty while making Star Wars. DUH! Here's me shocked. But the headlines about this event are super tight.

Carrie: I Gave Ford Obi-Wan

Princess Leia Played With Han Solo's Light Saber

Ridic headlines like this make my world go round. I just hope there is some dude that wanted to win a Peabody or a Pulitzer or some junk and is now writing these for eternity. That's tight.


lesley said...

"Princess Gets Laid-a"

lesley said...

"Han (not) Solo"

lesley said...

"Solo Familiarizes Self with Buns"

anna said...

um these are tight. is this all you?

lesley said...

one hundred percent.